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Terms and Conditions

Welcometo visit Wellman Face Maskwebsite. By using the website, you agree to be bound bythese Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully.


1.     The meaning of some wordsused in the Terms and Conditions are as follows:


1.1.We”, “us” or “our” is a referenceto (name of person or company providing the Services).


1.2.“You”is a reference to the person we provide services.


1.3.“Content” means all combinations of text, images, logos, icons, photographs,moving visual figurative images or sounds, and images, sound effects selected,shown or used in or related to our website, computer programs and othermaterials.


1.4.IntellectualProperty Rightsmeans any and all patents, trademarks, domain name rights, design rights,copyrights and database rights (regardless of whether or not any of the aboveapplications have been registered and registered, or the right to apply forregistration in respect of any of the above), confidentiality Datarights and all other intellectual property rights of similar or correspondingnature that may exist anywhere in the world, either now or in the future.


2.      Guarantee


2.1.Your statement, warranty and commitment, you will not:


Useour website for any fraudulent or illegal use;


Useour website to defame, insult, harass, track, threaten or violate the rights ofothers (including but not limited to the privacy or publicity rights ofothers);


Hinderor interfere with the operation of our website or the servers or networks usedon our website; or violate any rules, procedures, policies or regulationsrelating to the network;


Transmitor distribute any viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other computer code that isharmful or intrusive or that may or may be intended to damage any hardware,software or device operation or monitor any hardware, software or equipmentused on our website;


Reproduce,reproduce, sell, resell or exploit any part of our website, or its use orconnection, for any commercial purpose;


Amend,adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any part of ourwebsite (including making applications or software);


Constructor reproduce any part of the Website without our prior written consent;


Establisha database in an organized manner to download and store content, user contentor any website content; and


Anycopyright, design and intellectual property rights infringing the goods.


3.      Content


3.1.All intellectual property rights in the content are owned, controlled orlicensed by us. Except for the rights granted to you under Section 3.2.,these terms and conditions do not confer any rights or interests in theContent, and we reserve all other rights.


3.2.Subject to these terms and conditions, you may use the Content for your ownpersonal use.


3.3.You may not: unless you have obtained our express written consent or you areexpressly authorized by law:


Usethe content for any commercial or other non-personal use;


Copythe content or transfer the content to any other device or any other person; or


Reproduce,distribute, communicate to the public, revise, format, produce derivative worksor display content.


3.4.You acknowledge and agree that if you breach any of the provisions of thissection, we may no longer supply any content to you at our sole discretion.


3.5.We will use all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the accuracy of thecontent, but we do not warrant and represent (express or implied, statutory orotherwise) the accuracy, quality or completeness of the content or itssuitability for any purpose, and we Nor will it assume any responsibility forthis. We do not accept any liability for damages resulting from your relianceon the accuracy of the information contained on our website.


4.      Indemnity


Youagree to indemnify us and all of our directors and hold us all harmless fromany claim, loss, damage, cost, expense (including legal expenses) or otherliability which may be incurred by us arising out of any breach of thecovenants, warranties, representations and agreements herein.


5.      Link to the website


Certainlinks (including hyperlinks) on our website will lead you away from ourwebsite. The link is provided solely for your convenience, and the inclusion ofany link does not imply our endorsement or endorsement of the linked site, itsoperator or its content. We are not responsible for the content of any websiteother than our website.


6.      Termination


6.1.Ifyou violate any of the terms and conditions, we may immediately terminate youraccess to our website or registration.


6.2.Anyrights arising by either party on the date of termination will remainenforceable upon termination.


7.      Intellectual Property


7.1.Theintellectual property rights in all content, user content, design, text, imagesand other materials on our website, and their selection or arrangement areowned, controlled or licensed by us. Any authorized use without prior writtenapproval is strictly prohibited.


7.2.Alltrademarks, product names and company names or logos on our website are theproperty of our property or their respective owners. We do not grant anyapproval for the use of any such trademarks, appearances, product names,company names, logos or titles, and such use may constitute a violation of therights of the holder.


8.       General matters


8.1.Wherein these terms representations and warranties are made to us and to suppliersof merchandise through the website, you acknowledge and agree that suchrepresentations and warranties are intended to grant rights to, and operate forthe benefit of, all such suppliers and that each such supplier may rely uponand enforce such representations and warranties against you.


8.2.Wereserve the right at any time without notice to revise, remove, withholdingwithout warning the Content of the website (including the Services offered byus) and the Terms and Conditions. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions willbe posted on the website at our discretion and by continuing to use the OnlineShop following any such change, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms andConditions. This right includes the right to change any of the documentationwhich forms part of the Terms and Conditions.


8.3.Wetake privacy issues seriously. Our privacy policy covers our use of anyinformation you provide. In using the Services, you agree that we may collect,store, and use information about you in accordance with our privacy policy. Youacknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of our privacy policy.


8.4.Wereserve the right at our sole discretion to deny users’ access to the websiteor any part of the website without notice and to decline to provide theServices to any user that is in breach of the Terms and Conditions.


8.5.Weshall not be liable to you for any breach of the Terms and Conditions of use orany failure to provide or delay in providing the Services through the websiteresulting from any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control.


8.6.Ifany clause hereof is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competentjurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or operation of anyother clause and such invalid clause shall be deemed to be severed from theTerms and Conditions.


8.7.Youshall not assign, transfer, sub-contract, or license your rights andobligations under the Terms and Conditions, whether in whole or in part withoutour written consent.


8.8.TheTerms and Conditions set forth the entire agreement and understanding betweenyou and the Company concerning your use of the website and supersede all priororal or written agreements, understandings or arrangements relating to thesubject matter of the Terms and Conditions. Neither party shall be entitled torely on any agreement, understanding or arrangement that is not expressly setforth in the Terms and Conditions.